This Cookie Policy provides you with information about the cookies used on the website (the Website).

A cookie is information that a web server sends to your web browser and that is stored in your browser. This information is sent to the web server each time your browser requests to open the Website from the server and it distinguishes your computer or other device from other devices. Cookies therefore make the Website more user-friendly and allow us to improve it.

Strictly necessary cookies are used automatically, without your explicit consent, when you take certain actions on the Website (e.g., choose the language of the Website). Other cookies (e.g., analytical, advertising cookies) are used only with your consent.

Cookies are used to process your IP address, browsing information such as pages visited, time spent, etc.

A list of the cookies used on the Website and more detailed information about them can be found in the cookie management tool installed on the Website by selecting “Manage preferences”.

If you do not want your personal data to be processed by cookies, you can do so in the cookie management tool installed on the Website, or you can change the settings of your web browser so that cookies are not accepted, or delete the saved cookies. If you delete the necessary cookies and prevent them from being used in your web browser, some of the functions of the Website will not function properly.

You can change the cookie settings in your browser at any time. All browsers have the option to delete cookies, please refer to your browser settings for details.

The Cookie Policy was last updated on 15 December 2023.

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