Delivering critical materials of tomorrow

End-to-end supply process

We manage every single stage in the critical material supply chain. From sourcing raw materials to delivering processed commodities, our process is diligent, swift and all-encompassing.


We source mineral ores from trusted local mines and traders, adhering to international standards and local regulations.

Processing & export

We test and verify raw materials, manage their initial processing, and prepare documents required for export.


We can blend different concentrates to provide optimal properties and specifications to meet our client’s demands.


In certain cases, we can buy back refined metals produced from our sourced ores and concentrates from smelters.

Logistics & delivery

We arrange for materials to be transported to the client's country, directly to their facilities or specified location.

Quality & efficiency

Our on-site experts meticulously supervise each step of the process, from sourcing to shipping and container sealing, while authorized third-party laboratories assure material credibility and authenticity.

To streamline the entire process, we work directly with suppliers in Africa and around the world, and our logistics partners manage import procedures in major importing countries such as China.

Materials we work with ↓

Materials we work with

We source, trade and deliver a diverse range of materials to meet the world’s accelerating demand for vital commodities such as critical minerals and metals.

Constantly on the lookout for new materials to add to our scope, we would love to hear from you if you don't see a material you are looking for on our list.



Used in semiconductors and capacitors for devices such as computers and smartphones.



Used in superconductors and aerospace for high-temperature resistance and alloys.



Used in electronic solder, food can tinplates, and bronze copper alloy.



Used in manufacturing light bulb filaments and industrial machinery.



Used in aerospace and nuclear reactors for its lightweight and neutron-moderating properties.



Used in wiring and plumbing for excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.



Used in batteries, radiation shielding, and as a component in certain alloys, such as solder.



Used in rechargeable batteries for electronic devices and electric vehicles.



Used in stainless steel and alloys for aerospace, electronics, and industrial applications.



Used to prevent corrosion when galvanizing steel, as well as in other alloys and batteries.

About us

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About us

Global traders of mineral ores
and metals

We are global traders of critical minerals and metals, working with a wide range of industrial metal ores and certain metal alloys. We work closely with our partners to carefully monitor our entire supply chain, with a strong focus on raw material traceability and our business impact.

Impact & due diligence

We are committed to conducting our operations in an ethical, fair, and transparent manner, and to using only materials that have been sourced responsibly.

To ensure our commitment, we’ve implemented Ethical and Whistleblower Policies, and joined the iTSCi Program for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains.

Health, safety, human rights, social and environmental impact priority in operations.

Ethical Policy →

iTSCi Membership Programme. We entirely eliminate all conflict material and metals from the supply.

Supply Chain Policy →

A culture of openness, encouraging individuals to promptly report any suspected misconduct.

Whistleblower Policy →


Exciting opportunities in global commodity trading

We are always looking for driven individuals with relevant experience in trade, minerals, metals, and mining, who aspire to be a part of worldwide commodity trading.

Email us if you’d like to join our team →

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