Insights from the T.I.C. 64th General Assembly – A Milestone Event for Minterra

Minterra recently had the opportunity to attend the T.I.C. 64th General Assembly in Rio, a significant event in the tantalum-niobium industry. Held over three days at the Sheraton Hotel, this conference brought together key players from various sectors, including mining, refining, and trading. As members of the Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center, our presence at this event reflects our commitment to staying informed and at the forefront of industry developments.

The assembly, renowned for its comprehensive agenda and high-profile attendees, was expertly organized by the TIC team and its president. It provided an excellent environment for networking and engaging in meaningful discussions. Our team had the chance to interact with potential partners, gaining insights into emerging trends and exploring new collaborative opportunities.

At Minterra, attending the T.I.C. 64th General Assembly was really important for staying ahead in the minerals industry. It was more than just being there; we learned a lot and caught up with our existing partners. We also met some great new people, opening up chances for new partnerships in the tantalum-niobium field.